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Your Valetines Day Guide

Valentines can be a hard time of the year when you really want to show that special person in your life just how much you love and appreciate them. We made this quick guide to take out the work of finding that perfect gift. Scroll through the many stages our your life to find that extra special gift for that extra special someone.

Valentines does not have to only be about couples. It is a time to show your love for everyone in your life, so make sure your best friend is not forgotten. Here are a few things to show your appreciation for the one that has been there for you, through thick and thin.

  • Spill the tea together with a tea gift set ($19.95 - $45.95)

  • Sit back and have some wine with rose gold wine glasses (Set of 4: $40.00)

  • Share a bowl of ice cream topped off with chocolate bourbon sauce ($9.00)

  • Binge Netflix together in some cozy shea butter socks (Set of 2: $18.00)

You haven't been together for several years but you know they are the one. You want to make a big impact at the beginning of your relationship but you don't know how to do this. No problem! We have you covered. Here are some ways to make that special someone feel appreciated.

  • Bake a delicious pie from the Pie School cookbook ($24.95)

  • Spice the night up with some Chipotle Hot Dip ($8.00)

  • Light some cranberry candles to set the mood ($15.00)

  • Add some luxurious bubble bath tonight for extra relaxation ($50 - $60)

You may forget when your anniversary was because it was so long ago, but you don't forget how much they mean to you. You want to keep that spark alive with a gift that shows your appreciation.

  • Have a pizza making night with a professional pizza stone ($22 - $33)

  • Share some delicious truffles (8 pieces: $15.00)

  • Light a sweet plum candle to relax ($20.00)

  • Cook together using the Together cookbook ($22.99)

You can't forget to treat yourself! Whether you are in a long term relationship or single, make sure to take care of yourself this Valentine's day and spoil yourself rotten.

  • Have a relaxing bath with some bath bombs ($4.00)

  • Indulge in some Maple Popcorn while you watch your favourite movie ($4.00)

  • Enjoy a glass of whisky with some whiskey stones ($13.00)

  • Cook up some delicious butter chicken with our famous butter chicken sauce ($9.00)

Found something in this blog that you must have! Come down to Impressions Gifts & Gourmet and one of our lovely sales associates can help you find exactly what you need. Need something right away? Make sure to check out our shop for some curated boxes for the special day.

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